If you're a transformational leader, coach, healer, or expert who's ready to release the hustle and focus on delivering your deepest level soul work to clients who are ready to receive it... I invite you to step into...

If you're doing 'all the things' and are left frustrated by...

  • OVERDELIVERING yet UNDERSERVING...you can't help delivering at your highest level, but you're not attracting the clients who are ready for it... 
  • OVERWORKING and UNDERCHARGING... you're feeling stuck implementing low-level strategies to fill low level courses that just don't leave you satisfied...
  • The same marketing tactics that everyone says you must do, but they're just not working like they used to
  • Sitting through group programs where you're one of the herd, with members who are not close to your level of business, so you're sitting through Business 101 over and over... 

And you're ready to experience the satisfaction of...

  • Consistent 5- or 6-figure months - doing what you love 
  • Serving clients who are READY to receive your deepest-level soul work - and get results
  • Serving from your Zone of Genius ONLY - leaving behind all the low-level leaders

In a safe and sacred container where you... 

  • Are honored for who you are, with customized support for your stage and type of business
  • Learn from other transformational leaders with similar needs as your own 
  •  Where there's no one-size-fits-all agenda, but you receive the business support you require

You are a perfect fit for…

The Goddess Way to Scale & Simplify Mastermind

If you're an established entrepreneur in the advanced growth or leverage stage, and want to ease out of tactics that keep you small and working hard ... let's rise you up into the scale stage...

If you're noticing that what worked in the past isn't working so well now, you're not wrong. All those time and money sucks... webinars, funnels, and shiny new tactics do work for some, but if they're not working for you now, chances are they won't anytime soon.

We're in a new paradigm - a rising of the consciousness, where less is more, and connections are your greatest currency - and income generator! 

What this means for the sophisticated, EXPERIENCED transformational leader is that you have the leading edge when it comes to attracting high-level clients... but it's more important that you align with who you are at the soul level...stay in your lane, take a stand, and claim your space in the marketplace, and STOP trying to be everything to everybody.... that just doesn't work anymore.

The Goddess Way Mastermind supports you to stay in your highest frequency...

I'm Ready to Take a Stand & Claim My True Value

The Goddess Way Mastermind helps you to lean into your leadership, not another bright shiny tactic. With...


Customized Support to Align with Your Soul & Your Goal

Alignment is our #1 Core Value. If you're like most established entrepreneurs, you've tried the cookie cutter strategies that just aren't working so well anymore... when you get to a certain stage, it's crucial that you find your 'secret sauce' - and stay aligned with your soul's design. We believe in supporting you to do your deepest level soul work, with clients who are ready to receive it, without a ton of tech or complicated strategies. What this means is having a high-ticket offer to keep you working less, making more, and doing what you love to do. 

Simple Strategies & Structures to Free Up Your Time  

Simplicity is Core Value #2. As lightworkers, we are being called to raise the consciousness of humanity. At the scale stage of business, you rely more on your high-ticket offer, where leadership and frequency are more important than execution... You get to rely on your Divine Feminine to allow more in, while tapping into the masculine to direct energy to systems and structure that are necessary to call in . You will have access to courses and resources that provide the basics if you need them, but it's more about supporting you to implement in a way that is right for where you are in your business. 


A Confidant + a Collaborative Community = Confidence

Connection is Core Value #3. This is an intimate community of soul-centered spiritual entrepreneurs with similar goals and desires. You'll feel confidence and secure... knowing you'll have a mentor and other leaders in your corner... because there's no 'cookie-cutter' agenda like most progams of this caliber, you'll receive support for just about every aspect of business... client issues, pricing, and unexpected challenges... being in a well-rounded community is hard to find nowadays... 

This much support is hard to find nowadays...

Being part of a community is enriching; being seen by a mentor and your peers is empowering ... when you join now, you'll receive this support...

• 3 monthly 60-minute small group masterminding sessions where you get 'hot seat' coaching (the 1st 3 Mondays)

• 2  monthly 30-minute  1:1 strategy sessions for general business support 

• 2 monthly 30-minute 1:1 messaging reviews to make sure you're communicating succintly and effectively to call in your right-fit clients

 Quarterly small group ½-day Retreats, where we'll come together for special training on topics that are trending and suit your needs.  


*** PLUS Limited-time BONUSES when you join NOW***

• 2 30-minute 1:1 messaging/marketing/content reviews per month to make sure your messaging is attracting your most ideal clients while positioning your leadership (for a total of 4 1:1 calls per month). (value: $1200)

• 2 Quarterly 90-minute VIP 1:1 Deep-Dive Sessions for larger projects that require high level customized support... mapping out your launch, designing your high-end offer, crafting an email nurture sequence or campaign, creating your master class assets... whatever! (4 when you pay in full) (value: up to $4000)

Grow your list: I'll promote your lead magnet or event to my highly engaged list of 3,500+ transformational coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs. (value $497)

Founding member savings when you join by July 31. (save $5500)

• 90-minute Fill the Gap Assessment where we diagnose your business and get started on your plan to scale and simplify (full-paying members only). (value $497)

Additional Founding Member savings when you join NOW...save 75%

I have 2 spots to fill so I'm extending additional savings. When you join now your pay-in-full investment is only $5,500. (Or get started today for only $500)

"No one else is offering support like this!" ~ Patty Tolar, 2-year Mastermind Member

Being held in a space with the support of a mentor who treats your vision as if it were her own is a magical experience...

Our primary goal is to meet your individual needs to Scale & Simplify your business. First and foremost we focus on the client journey to your high-end offer... to position you as a leader, not just another 'expert'...

While every mastermind has a 'flavor' GWMM is about supporting you to 'play full out and fully expressed' with simplicity at its core.

This is business support that puts the focus on your messaging doing the heavy lifting so you can stop relying on webinars, events, and launches, and even sales calls. They are not as effective as they once were.  

This is a long-term plan because that's what it takes to have a soul-aligned business where you can ditch the tech and complicated funnels. It's about meeting you where you are, but we loosely follow the Goddess Way Methodology - 5 pillars that form the foundation of a transformational business. 

Pillar 1. Your Irresistible High-end Offer. We want to make sure your fees are generating enough income to get you to high 6 or 7 figures - and that your deepest level soul work is front and center, even though you may have courses and low-cost leaders to get them there. 
Pillar 2. Aligned Messaging based on your Human Design. Don't worry, you don't have to understand Human Design for it to work for you. Carol Ann uses it to make sure you're in alignment with your soul's purpose, and what clients expect from you, and that your messaging is optimized for making right-fit clients an easy yes.  
Pillar 3. Lead Generation. While high-end offers are the foundation of your business, connection is key to filling them. We make sure you're attracting right-fit leads and nurturing them through email.
Pillar 4. Leverage your Leadership. Reach and serve more people - without working harder... through workshops, speaking, partnering with other leaders, podcasts, and your social media platform of choice.   
Pillar 5. Scale & Simplify. Do More With Less is our theme for 2023. Once your offers are dialed in and you're attracting high-paying clients on the regular, we turn the focus on allowing more ease - by delegating, automation, and passive income. 

  • Intimate Group Sessions. We meet the first 3 Mondays of each month for a powerful 60 minutes (12 p.m. - 1 p.m. EDT) where you'll receive 1:1 coaching and feedback. Each month you'll claim your goal, and receive marketing and mindset support to achieve your desired results. (min. 30 total, with holidays off: value: $9,000)

  • Systems & Strategy. You'll receive 2 30-minute 1:1 strategy calls each month with Carol Ann. These are designed to support whatever you're working on to move the needle forward in your business (24 total: value: $12,000)

  • Training: We meet quarterly for 1/2-day workshop-style retreats, with trainings on topics that are trending and fulfill the needs of the group:  Past topics include: Create Your High-ticket Offer; Powerful Storytelling; Craft Your Money Talk; Your Most Powerful Year Planning Session (4 minimum: value: $4000)

  • Accountability: Week 4 is about assessing your progress with status checks that keep you on track to meet your goals (12 total: value: $2400)

  • Access: You have access to a private members area and Facebook group, with recordings of past workshops, sessions, and Inner Circle trainings (value $5,000)

*** And these learning resources  ***

  • Learning Resources instant access to a suite of digital courses and other resources (total value $10,500+)

~ Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System ($1997)
~ Design & Deliver Your Pilot Program and Turn It Into a Digital Course ($497)
~ The List Builders Freedom Funnel Flow ($1997)

~ The Sizzle System of Personal Branding ($497)
~ Weekend Launch Planner ($250)
~ Sales Funnel Planner ($250)
~ Templates, workbooks, and other resources from The Goddess Toolbox that will help to 'fill the gap' in what you need to grow your business (value: $5,000!)

*** PLUS, limited-time bonuses ***

  • Bonus - Two 30-minute messaging/content reviews per month. We'll make sure all your messaging, offers, and content communicates value and gets results. This alone will help 10x your results in your emails, your sales pages, your social posts... (24 total: value: $12,000)

  • Bonus - 2 1/2-day VIP Sessions (4 when you pay in full). This is for planning and developing the big 'rocks' of your business... mapping out a content plan, a campaign to launch your offer, webinar/master class creation, nurture sequences, your lead magnet system, social media marketing....whatever! (Value: $4,000)

  • 60-Minute Messaging & Sales by Design HUMAN DESIGN Session. In this ADVANCED reading, I reveal the most important aspects of your Human Design as they relate to business success... You'll learn: what people really want from you, your wealth codes and best decision-making strategy, even the shadow aspects of your gifts (this could be the real reason you're not where you want to be). With Human Design as a reference in our coaching...there's no way it could be cookie cutter! Don't worry: You don't need to understand your human design, as long as I do! (value: $997)
  • Bonus - Grow Your List: I will promote your lead magnet OR event to my engaged list of 3500+ coaches and transformational leaders ($500)

Total value with bonuses: over $60,000

Get started today for only $500 when you choose the payment plan OR
SAVE MORE when you pay in full - ONLY $5500 when you join by July 9, 2023

Carol Ann is a genius for the details!
"Carol Ann really listens and cares about my every need. Her meticulous attention to each detail of my recent offer brought total clarity, and gave me the confidence to convert 85% of my students to upgrade to my 1-year group Mastermind, including two into the VIP level."
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, Ayurvedic Expert, butteredveg.com
GWMM Founding Member


Who Am I and Why am I Leading this Mastermind?

I'm Carol Ann DeSimine, CEO of alignbelievecreate on-purpose coaching and creator of The Goddess Way Methodology. I've been supporting the success of entrepreneurs since 2006, and I created The Goddess Way Mastermind as a way to support transformational leaders on the journey to BEYOND 6-figure success.

This is more than a mastermind - it's a movement to help you create more ease and simplicity - to position you for your experience and talent...I am committed to providing the container that empowers and elevates you to a higher frequency to move past resistance and into inspired and aligned action. 

I've got a long list of experience as a certified launch coach, money breakthrough coach, digital marketing specialist, copywriter, and healer ...with an M.S. in Public Relations and a background in designing curriculum for a global educational organization that specializes in creative problem solving - for companies such as NASA and IBM...but what's more important is that my superpower is the ability to see you and to 'articulate the invisible' - your energy and the value you bring to the marketplace - into words that make you magnetic to your most ideal clients. I understand your needs and desires,  and will hold your vision as if it were my own!

This Mastermind is about Mastery... You're the Visionary - I'm the 'Creative Spark' that helps you transform your Vision into Reality - with proven systems, simple strategies, and lots of support to compress time and speed up Divine Timing! 

Thank you Carol Ann for helping me reach higher levels of success!

"I can't say enough positive things about Carol Ann's VIP Day to help me create my offer. I was preparing to launch my first group program and felt stuck, confused, and was procrastinating on doing what needed to be done to finalize the launch. 

"The VIP session with Carol Ann was perfect. With her guidance, I developed clarity on all the important components, and then we creates a step-by-step plan with all the marketing dates on my calendar. With Carol Ann's help, the entire process became very simple, clear and easy. No more confusion and procrastination!"

Patty Tolar, Breakthrough Specialist, pattytolar.com
Founding Member, Goddess Way Mastermind

patty tolar

You've been in this game too long to have to struggle to claim your place as the transformational leader that you are. Let's simplify your efforts…

Release low-quality tactics, and align with your HIGHEST to focus on the simple and soul-based systems that get results as you scale your business…

Get the support of a mentor who holds a vision for you as if it were her own… that's what Goddesses and Adonises do...

If not NOW, when?


    “I have worked with plenty of coaches and mentors before, both in my personal and in my professional life. However, Carol Ann's mentorship style is guiding me to get better and quicker results. Her expertise is enabling me to feel empowered as I move into growing my coaching practice.”

    Author, Love Life Again


    “I recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity. She will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.”

    Founder, Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy


    “What I especially like about working with Carol Ann is that she has such a knack for knowing when I need to be pushed and when I need to be encouraged. She saw my greatness from the get-go, and constantly spoke into that. This allowed me to create it for myself and step fully into my own success.”

    Author & Workshop Facilitator

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email carolann@alignbelievecreate.com if you have any other questions.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

I trust that you trust yourself to make the most aligned decision for your future. I tend to attract clients who maintain a high level of integrity, and as with most programs of this caliber, I do not offer a money back guarantee. This is a commitment for the term that you signed up for, even if you choose the payment plan. It is NOT a subscription or a membership.

How much time will this require?

A mastermind is not about doing more; it’s about being supported to get RESULTS, saving you the time it would take to figure things out on your own, while avoiding the mistakes you'd be making. We meet the first 3 Mondays of each month for 60 minutes, and you schedule weekly 1:1 sessions at your convenience. Quarterly retreats are 4 hours, usually on a Friday. Bottom line: minimum 3 hours of weekly sessions; max 10 hours when you factor in the 1:1 calls, retreats and VIP ½ days.

How will I know I'm ready to Scale?

If you're a leveraged leader who wants to simplify, or in the advanced growth stage and want a fast path to more impact. You serve clients on the regular, have a proven process, and a mindset that welcomes large fees... whether you're at 6 figures or on your way, it's more about your understanding of what it takes to scale, and your ability to implement, than it is about your income level. 

Will there be additional costs involved?

There are always costs involved... you’ll want to hire team... You may want to hire a project manager for a lead gen event or launch. But, I will always suggest low-cost options, and you will save money because I am well resourced and teach the strategies and tech that you might normally outsource. You’ll invest in only what you need. Plus, the weekly copy/content reviews and VIP sessions will save you thousands of what you would spend if you were to hire a professional copywriter or specialist.

How long will the bonuses and savings be available?

I am extending Founding Member pricing and bonuses for the first 10 members who join. This was designed as a $25K program, so the investment could increase at any time. My promise is that what you pay now, you will lock in for a minimum of 3 years when you renew. The advantage of being a founding member is that you contribute to shaping the program, and you also lock in any bonuses that are available at the time of joining for years to come. 

Can I join later?

This is ongoing enrollment but I offer special enrollment periods throughout the year, where you receive significant savings and bonuses. Whatever pricing and bonuses you receive at the time of joining, you'll 'lock in' when you renew without a break. The pricing could increase at any time, and the bonuses could go away as well. I reserve the right to change these as I see fit - if I determine that clients are not finding value from it, or are abusing it. I am here to support you to get results, not to be treated as a commodity.

What's different about this mastermind?

Pet Peeve: Leaders who call their 8-week program a mastermind, or deliver training without any input from attendees. A mastermind is built for mastery, not information. If it seems the content is general in nature, it's because this is a true mastermind of high-level, action-taking established transformational leaders, and it's designed to meet you where you are. There's no real 'outcome' only to help you to scale your business and that looks different for everyone. The Goddess Way is about aligning with what works for you, first and foremost. This is about mastery, but it's also about healing what's gone wrong and being vulnerable when you need to be.  What I seek to create is a harmonious community of Goddesses and Adonises who support one another on their path. Incorporating Human Design ensures that you stay aligned with that.


“Carol Ann has helped me with my business in so many ways - from identifying my niche and clients, to marketing, designing my website and business card, and helping me get quoted as an expert in Wall Street Journal, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation publication, Consumer Reports, just to name a few! Highly recommend!”

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