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Join the mastermind at 2021 pricing, and get the remainder of the year for free!

Make 2022 the Year You Finally Reach 6 Figures in Your Online Business!

For spiritual leaders, coaches, authors, and service-based professionals ready to STOP spinning on the hamster wheel and START making a bigger impact - without working harder!

The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind has 3 Main Components


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We meet the first 3 Mondays of each month in an intimate setting for 60 minutes of masterminding. Each week has a theme but the focus is hot seat coaching in true mastermind style. All sessions are recorded if you can't be there live (30 calls total)

(value: $9,000)


Get immediate access to a suite of courses and other resources that support the 5 pillars of The Goddess Way Methodology. All are accessible in Create & Thrive Academy, the learning hub for all Goddess Way programs. You'll be invited to all workshops and other live events, including the live cohort of Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System.  

(value: $6,000)

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We will hold you as powerful - no matter what! This is a true mastermind... you will be part of a community of high-level visionary Goddesses who support one another and are working toward a common goal - getting to 6 figures and beyond - without working harder! In addition to regular mastermind sessions, you will have access to:

• A password-protected members area to access all courses and content (value: $1,200)

• ACCOUNTABILITY: A monthly check-in that keeps you on track to meet your 6-figure goals (value: $2,400)

AND, you'll be supported to IMPLEMENT in Create & Thrive Get It Done 'Experiences'...

Quarterly 1:1 VIP Days where you'll get support to create your course, your launch, your marketing, or whatever project you're working on! (Value: $1500)

Quarterly Group Create & Thrive ½ day Sessions for long-term business planning and strategizine - The Goddess Way. (Value: $1000)

Quarterly Create & Thrive Get It Done Sessions, where you'll be in the energy of productivity to work on whatever you need to get done. (Value: $197)

• Weekly 30-minute 1:1 copy reviews (value: $297)

• One 30-minute 1:1 call each month (value: $197)

(value: $6,000)


TOTAL VALUE: $32,000

The 2022 investment for the 12 month Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind is $5,000 when you enroll by Dec 31.


YES, I Am Ready to Get On the Path to 6 Figure Success!

Plus these bonuses 

  • Access to all digital courses and resources in Create & Thrive Academy (total value $3,000+):

~ Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System ($997)
~ Design & Deliver Your Pilot Program and Turn It Into a Digital Course ($297)
~ The List Builders Freedom Funnel Flow ($997)
~ The Sizzle System of Personal Branding ($497)
~ Weekend Launch Planner ($197)
~ Resources from The Goddess Toolbox that will help to 'fill the gap' in what you need to grow your business, The Goddess Way! (value: priceless!)

  • An invitation to attend any live workshops and courses delivered in 2022 (excluding book-writing programs) (value $2000)

  • The Goddess Way Inner Circle, a Sacred Space for Visionary entrepreneurs...
    An intimate group program that meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month. You'll receive additional training and hot seat coaching on exactly what you’re working on and be in the energy of a group of amazing goddesses. ($997 value)

  • A paperback copy of my book, Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand… ($30 from

  • Align with Your Design BASIC Human Design Reading to find your best strategy for decision-making and client attraction (value $297)

  • BONUSES: I will promote your lead magnet OR your leveraged launch to my highly engaged list of entrepreneurs! (priceless!)

    PAY IN FULL BONUS: Receive an in-depth Human Design Coaching Session that reveals your brand, your life's work, and your prosperity key. You'll come away with a business strategy blueprint that reveals your way of playing 'full out and fully expressed'... learn what your clients want from you and how to attract those you are meant to serve ($750 value)

(Total value with bonuses: over $40,000)


    “I have worked with plenty of coaches and mentors before, both in my personal and in my professional life. However, Carol Ann's mentorship style is guiding me to get better and quicker results. Her expertise is enabling me to feel empowered as I move into growing my coaching practice.”

    Author, Love Life Again


    “I recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity. She will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.”

    Founder, Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy


    “What I especially like about working with Carol Ann is that she has such a knack for knowing when I need to be pushed and when I need to be encouraged. She saw my greatness from the get-go, and constantly spoke into that. This allowed me to create it for myself and step fully into my own success.”

    Author & Workshop Facilitator


Who Am I and Why am I Leading this Mastermind?

I'm Carol Ann DeSimine, Head Goddess at alignbelievecreate on-purpose coaching and The Goddess Way Methodology. I've been supporting the success of entrepreneurs since 2006, and I created The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind as a deep-dive program to grow your business and create wealth.

This is more than a mastermind - it's a movement to help you create more grace and ease and success in your spiritual business. I am committed to providing the hand holding it takes to elevate you to a higher level of thinking with the ambition and drive to take new actions. 

I've got a long list of certifications and experience as a certified launch coach, money mindset coach, digital marketing specialist, book mentor, professor, artist, copywriter and media strategist...and I'm ready to share my knowledge with you...but what's most important is that I care about your success, and I promise to hold you as powerful when you can't do that on your own!

You're the Visionary - I'm the 'Creative Spark' that helps you make your vision a Reality - with proven systems and simple strategies! 

If you’re ready to…

Get off the hamster wheel and simplify your business by focusing on what works for where you are now…

Have your hand held while you do marketing that is in alignment with who you are…

Feel supported for more grace and ease and will feel seen and appreciated…

Then, Let’s Do This Together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please email if you have any other questions.

Do you have a guarantee?

I generally do not offer a guarantee for coaching but if you are not sure it is right for you, you can pay a $97 deposit to try it for 30 days. This is non-refundable, but if you choose to continue you may apply it to your investment. If you decide you are not ready for a the mastermind you may apply your payment toward Create & Thrive Academy and continue to have access to the Goddess Way Inner Circle and all the content that was released to you. 

How much work/time will this require?

A mastermind is not about doing more work. It’s about taking powerful inspired action in the right order for the stage of business that you are in. We meet on Mondays to kick off your week powerfully. We will focus on simple strategies that work, so if you SHOW UP and get the support and accountability available to you, you will achieve long it takes for you to reach 6 figures depends on where you are when you start. The first step is to release what’s not working, so that you can focus on what will work.

Why 6 figures?

Six figures is the milestone of success for many online entrepreneurs. You may already be at 6 figures and want to grow to 7 figures, or perhaps 6 figures seems unreachable to you. It’s not so much about a number as it is about reaching your next level of success. Many of my clients are on their way to 6 figures but they’re on the income roller coaster. I will support you to get into momentum and make it to the finish line - whatever your goal. I can’t guarantee you’ll get to 6 figures in 12 months, but I can guarantee that I will support you to take the actions that get you there sooner, rather than later. 

Will there be additional costs involved?

At some point you’ll want to hire a virtual assistant and other help in your business. That’s what a 6-figure business owner does. However, I will always suggest low-cost options. In fact, I will save you money because I’ll be teaching many of the strategies and tech that you might normally outsource, and you’ll invest in what you need for the stage you're in, not in every shiny new object that comes along. 

Why is this priced so low?

I am on a mission to support as many entrepreneurs as I can to get your gifts out into the world. I owe my online success to the mentors I've invested in over the years to the tune of more than $100,000. What I've seen in 2021 are programs priced at $15,000 to $20,000 that provide a lot of busy work and no hand-holding. I've joined a few groups where the members number in the thousands, and I feel like just a number. I don't want that for you. I'm designed to work in intimate settings. Also, if you're not at 6 figures you should not be investing at a level that is too far a stretch, or you will be stressed out just to pay your coach! I honestly don't want that energy in my space. I'd rather offer something reasonable that gets real results so you stay in the energy of ease and abundance!

Can I join later?

There is ongoing enrollment so you can join at any time for the price that is quoted at that time. I am offering Founding Members pricing in 2021 but I cannot continue to do this forever, so in 2022 the investment will be $8,000. If you are on this page and it's lower than that, know that it will not be any lower than the price you see, and the bonuses may be available for a limited time only.  

What are you waiting for? Make 2022 YOUR YEAR!


“Carol Ann has helped me with my business in so many ways - from identifying my niche and clients, to marketing, designing my website and business card, and helping me get quoted as an expert in Wall Street Journal, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation publication, Consumer Reports, just to name a few! Highly recommend!”

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